Below are links to videos that may help you understand what being a bystander is….whether you choose to intervene or not.  Look at these videos and think about how you would choose to act.  Think about what you feel when you see how people in the videos chose to act…or not act.  Observe also the different types of interventions the bystanders employed if they did act…was it Direct, Distract, or Delegate?

Chipguy Watch this video and see how simple an intervention can be.

In a restaurant 1 We could see this anywhere…what would you do?

In a restaurant 2 Another restaurant, another situation…what makes this different?

Check out this UTEP anti-violence video:  A video produced by and featuring UTEP athletes in conjunction with President Obama’s “It’s On Us” campaign against campus sexual violence.

The message goes late night:  Vice President Biden brings the message of Bystander Intervention to “The Tonight Show”: